National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

HERRO – Crew Telerobotic Control Vehicle (CTCV)

Human Exploration Using Real-Time Robotic Operations (HERRO)

Human Exploration Using Real-Time Robotic Operations (HERRO)

Mission Goals

  • Transport crew to and from Mars
  • Provide telerobotics platform for controlling surface science telerobots from orbit
  • Provide artificial gravity (0.3 g) and radiation protection for crew during 500 day orbital stay

Science Mission

  • The HERRO science orbit about Mars utilizes a 12 hr orbit to keep high part on the orbit over the sunlight side of Mars for the 500-day stay
  • Using this orbit, two shifts of scientists and teleoperators can explore each side of Mars during each Mars day

Architecture Details

  • Crew Telerobotic Control Vehicle (CTCV)
    • Controls truck and rockhounds remotely from orbit
    • Interface for the optional sample recover craft to rendezvous and return samples
  • Two telerobotic geologists–rockhounds