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What Is Compass

The Compass team was formed in 2006 in support of the LSAM (Lunar Surface Access Module) Design Study.  As a result of its success and several subsequent projects, this multidisciplinary concurrent engineering team continues its mission to produce preliminary spacecraft system designs for space missions.

Subsystem design options and technologies need to be integrated into a full vehicle or architecture to assess the impact of each subsystem’s design on other systems. These assessments require many different skills from multiple organizations. Thus, forming the team and defining interactions can take significant time and effort.

Compass studies eliminate rework through consistent processes, tools, and subject matter experts enabling space system design assessments that are conducted rapidly in a collaborative environment.

Typically at the conclusion of a study, a final report is prepared which includes the customer’s request, outlines the study problem, details the assumptions and requirements used for analysis, and lists the details of the final design.

Additionally, the Compass Team can readily accommodate support and data from other locations via GLIDE.

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