National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Glenn Research Center

Technical Areas of Excellence

Communications & Intelligent Systems

Provides expertise, and plans, conducts and directs research and engineering development in the competency fields of advanced communications and intelligent systems technologies for applications in current and future aeronautics and space systems. Advances communication systems engineering, development and analysis needed for Glenn Research Center’s leadership in communications and intelligent systems technology.

Materials & Structures

Engages in research, development, and flight application of advanced materials, structures, and mechanisms for aerospace systems, with activities ranging from materials research at nanoscale to design and testing of structures and mechanical systems for aeronautics and space flight programs. Research and development activities are focused on developing enabling technologies for high-performance, long-life, and lightweight aerospace systems subjected to extreme environments encountered in propulsion and power, planetary entry, planetary surface operations, and space environment.


Provides the expertise needed for research, technology development and aerospace flight projects for power subsystems and overall power system designs. Spans energy conversion systems from solar, thermal, electrochemical and nuclear sources for both primary power and storage.


Provides the expertise needed for research, conceptual design, analysis, technology development, and flight system development foraeropropulsion and space propulsion applications. This includes engineering support for requirements development, preliminary design, detailed design, development, test, verification, mission sustainment and disposal.

Systems Engineering & Architecture

Leads the systems engineering, mission and system architecture, and software engineering effort for the development, and operation of complex space flight, aeronautics, and ground-based systems, or system of systems, and vehicles. Establishes and promotes the use of common approaches and processes for the engineering of systems in concert with center and agency requirements, best practices and within imposed constraints.